Electronic Engineering Consulting

KGR Elettronica was founded in 2001, and is part of CAAR group since 2014, focused on electronic engineering and electric systems.
KGR Elettronica is and engineering service company specialized in specifications drafting, design, prototyping and validation of electric and electronic systems.
KGR Elettronica stands out because of its highly skilled personnel, composed of engineers and technicians trained using both internal courses and extensive on field experience, whose reliability is guaranteed by an attentive selection process of candidates.


How KGR operates in electronics

Modi Operandi
CAAR Group follows 3 modi operandi to respond to an electronic engineering consulting request, suitable for tackling all possible market configurations.

Work package activity
Together with the client, a detailed package of activities is agreed on, which is carried out at KGR offices. Necessary spaces and tools and made available, to ensure a proper job.
Activities are performed always in contact with the client, who receives continuous updates on the status of such activities through recurring in presence or virtual meetings, or, upon request, through a KGR Project Manager working at the client’s site, whose role is to manage the activities and be the first active link between the client and KGR team.

Consulting at client’s site
KGR also offers the possibility to receive engineering services directly at the client’s site, through the continuous presence of its experts, who will still be supported by their team in KGR’s offices.

Turnkey projects
KGR offers its clients the possibility of turnkey projects, where the entirety of the activities ranging from requirements definition to functioning prototypes manufacturing, functional validation, on filed support and electronic devices and systems certification’s site, thanks to the skill set of its expert resources and its lab equipped with cutting-edge technology.