Automotive engineering

The automotive market is continuously evolving, as testified by the advancements in electrification and autonomous driving (ADAS) fields, and it constantly requires more resources, which subsequently pushes the engineering field towards evolution as well as allowing it to grow.

Usually all OEMs and their suppliers (mainly TIER 1) develop only a part of their activities in house, while relying on qualified and trusted suppliers for the rest.
CAAR offers its Customers high-profile skills through consulting activities and in house development of complete turnkey projects.


How CAAR operates in Automotive industry

Regarding Product Engineering (including Automotive Design), CAAR’s skills range from chassis, bodywork and cabs design, all the way to internal and external trims for trucks, tractors and many other vehicle types.
A rigorous combination of feasibility studies, design, behavioral calculations and simulations in different performance settings, allow CAAR to reach the highest standards in the industry.

About Process Engineering, CAAR has many years of experience in stamping, welding and assembly processes especially for mechanical components (engines, gearboxes and mechanical units) and final assembly lines for BIW.
Elements analyses, process methods, customized simulation software and ergonomic principles completely devoted to customer support: this allows us to offer the best equipment layout and most efficient logistic flows from warehouse to the line.
Our activities are very often carried out by means of having technicians sent directly to the sites all over the world, to ensure the best assistance in a timely manner, from equipment integration phase to commissioning and production start-up.

Finally, CAAR operates in all aspects of the Electronic Engineering field, from requirements definition of a single component or a complete electronic system, to its final validation; this includes Software coding, hardware design and prototyping.
CAAR also features a lab equipped for the complete experimentation and certification of electronic apparatus.