Agriculture and Industrial vehicles

Engineering for Agriculture and Industrial vehicles

CAAR is able to offer its clients important knowledge and skills, gained by its experts and technicians through extensive experience in the Industrial vehicles design field, spanning from light, mid and heavy-duty vehicles to cabs and internal/external trims development.
In the Agricultural vehicles field, CAAR has executed important tractor system projects, for the world’s leading manufacturers.
For both fields, CAAR has supported its clients not only during the design phase, but also during development and industrialization phases, and with cost engineering activities that became an important and strategic driver throughout the whole project.
Industrial and agricultural vehicles field is for CAAR a fundamental market goal, since it represents the intersection between specialized skills, experience and well-established technologies.
Engineering applied to Agriculture field in particular is a topic where knowledge of technical and performance needs of the final customer intertwines with specialized product design competences.
Overall, CAAR’s strength resides in its highly qualified and experienced personnel, who is able to manage complex design and development projects for industrial vehicles as well as agricultural machinery in general.


How CAAR operates in Industrial and Agricultural filed

CAAR offers clients in the Industrial and Agricultural vehicles field, high-level consulting services, thanks to a consolidated know-how ranging from design competences, to cost engineering and abilities to study and define the best technologies to be used during production phase of the component or system.
The development of transversal competences is oriented towards research and innovation, and it supports clients during the engineering phase of their products with up-to-date methods.

  • New shapes and functions study
  • Current solutions optimization
  • DEM,FEM and CFD virtual simulation environments application
  • Agricultural design
  • Technologies cost analyses
  • Technical and maket research (benchmark/teradown of competitors’ products)
  • Technical/Commercial support
  • Cost Engineering

Here above are some of the pillars that define our philosophy when it comes to project development