Who we are

C.A.A.R. is a service provider company born in 2009, able to provide a wide arrange of engineering activities on a global scale.
The success of the company is mainly in its continuous research for perfect balance between customers’ satisfaction, people growth and investors remuneration.
Our target market is that of engineering services for the industrial sector, with focus on automotive, aerospace, railway and electronic.
C.A.A.R. services cover all activities related to product industrialization, from concept and product design to its development, from process definition to production systems and equipment design, from support during installation to final commissioning.
The biggest reason behind the growth of our group is to be found in the mix of its resources, spanning from highly professional experts to young graduates in constant development.


The other companies of the group

KGR Elettronica delivers highly qualified engineering services related to project design, development, integration and validation of electronic control devices and complete systems.
KGR Elettronica focuses on developing always innovative and highly technologic projects, supported by its resources expertise and strong inclination towards research and innovation.
Thanks to its competence on electronic systems and devices – not only vehicle related – KGR Elettronica is able to follow and execute the development of a product, starting from requirements definition all the way to electronic devices design and development phases, their integration in their target environment, testing and final validation.

STI S.r.l. is a mechanical engineering services provider, operating in the industrial sector, with focus towards heavy-duty vehicles industry.
The company services are aimed at product design, production processes engineering and assistance during commissioning phases, for heavy-duty, military and special vehicles assembly lines.
STI S.r.l. also carries out in-house design and manufacturing of production and logistic equipment and tools, besides offering their customers support during maintenance activities of their production plants.

CARR do Brasil is an engineering service provider company, born in 2012 and based in Belo Horizonte in Brazil.
The company is also present in the north of the country with an office located in Pernambuco, as well as having a technical-commercial office in the south, in the state of Paranà, close to important customers.
CAAR do BRASIL employs more than 150 people and delivers services in product design (mainly automotive-related) and manufacturing engineering fields.
The main services of the company revolve around designing and manufacturing – together with trusted suppliers – production equipment and quality control tools.
Among its resources, CAAR do BRASIL employs a significant amount of engineers dedicated to CAE activities for all fields of the industry.

ABACAAR D.O.O. was founded in 2016 as a branch of C.A.A.R. group focused in R&D and consulting services for the automotive, aerospace and railway industries.
The company’s value resides in the use of advanced data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies.
ABACAAR D.O.O. acts as a bridge between innovative science and the industrial world, being able to transform and adapt the latest scientific discoveries into added value yielding solutions.
The core belief of the company is that AI will play a central role in an increasingly competitive future, affecting the way products and services are delivered, and clearing the path for new insights and optimizations, otherwise difficult to reach for humans.
The company’s purpose is to apply its knowledge and expertise to the customers’ needs, to obtain exceptional results.

CSP is a research organization operating at local, national and international level, focused on the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to different fields of goods production and services.
As a research organization, it offers services of industrial research and experimental development, while also being a research laboratory accredited to Italy’s Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).
CSP holds a UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate and it is a member of W3C.