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First Italian SMEs to issue a minibond

CAAR, an engineering company based in Torino, has been the first Italian company who had in 2013 the possibility to access the public credit market by applying a complete new approach which enables small/medium companies not quoted to issue bonds, i.e. “minibonds”.
Our Mission
CAAR, founded in 2009, is a service company aimed to deliver a large range of high quality engineering activities on the international market.

The perfect balance between the customer satisfaction, the people growth and the remuneration of the investors, is probably the main success factor of the company.

The addressed market is the manufacturing industry, with particular focus on the mechanical marketplace.

The high professionalism of our consultants is the main leverage of our growth.

The accurate financial management of the company is the most safeness for our investors.
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30/04/2016 The company staff has exceeded 200 people.

31/03/2016 A Cost engineering team has been 10 people.

Work in progress
Work in progress